Perlemorrandųje Coenonympha arcania

This species had a relict like distribution in Denmark (see map below). It was found in two main areas being confined to low and open oak shrub vegetation growing warn and sunny. The foodplant in Denmark is unknown.

The species had been declining drastically since 1990 from a population size of about 50 individuals and the species is now considered extinct from Denmark. In 1996 only 3 males were found and it was the last year the species was seen. Rumours tells that one of these males may have been collected, but it was not possible to find any proof of this.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to establish proper protection of the locality and creation of new habitats was difficult and too late. Owners and administrators of the area were very reluctant to accept actions to help C. arcania as suggested by Danish entomologists. The final end to C. arcania in Denmark came when the habitat was definitely spoiled as a bicycle path with street lamps was created right through the locality, see below.

C. arcania is very common in southern Sweden so it is really a riddle why it was so local in Denmark.

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Distribution map for C. arcania in Denmark based on specimens in Danish collections.
Grid: UTM 10 km. squares. Data collected by Atlas Project Danish Butterflies