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    • CommentTime18 Aug 2014 ændret
    Fra: jean-claude petit
    To those who love South American butterflies.

    - after many years spent in the field in tropical America,
    - after eight years spent on the inventory of Sangay National Park,
    and two years on that of Reserva Cotacachi Cayapas, both in Ecuador,
    - we became aware of the great many discrepancies between listed subspecies and collected specimens.
    - we do not want to join in any controversy about the validity of such and such subspecies,
    - we want to gather facts and launch the "mapping the phenotypes initiative",

    - we want to establish, for a limited number of species, a map showing all the known phenotypes, regardless of their official subspecies, right where they were collected.
    - we believe such a map would give a good fact based picture of what\'s going on in the field,
    - such maps do not exist today for any South American butterfly,
    - these maps could be used later, by other workers, to revisit the present nomenclature.
    - we would very much appreciate your visiting http://www.andean-butterflies-mapping-the-phenotypes.eu and contributing to this initiative,
    - we would also very much appreciate your saying a word to friends and colleagues who could be interested,
    - we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Pierre Boyer & Jean-Claude Petit